1.89. hifiDeconToClass

Full Name: herschel.hifi.dp.tools.HifiDeconToClassTask
Alias: hifiDeconToClass
Type: Jython Task - Jython Task
Import: from herschel.hifi.dp.tools import HifiDeconToClassTask



Export HIFI deconvolution product to a FITS file that CLASS can read

This task is designed to export data that were deconvolved with the HIFI deconvolution tool to a FITS file in the CLASS format. It performs the necessary convertions to CLASS of the HIFI data and: - returns a HifiDeconToClass object - creates a FITS file containing the converted data Note: The output returned by the task (hifiDeconToClassObj) is not necessary for a basic usage and can be forgotten most of the time.


Example 1: Export a HIFI deconvolution product to a FITS file:
hifiDeconToClassObj = HifiDeconToClassTask()(decon_result=decon_result, fileName='myfits.fits')
Example 2: Export a HIFI deconvolution product stored in level2_5 to a FITS file:
decon_result = obs.refs["level2_5"].product.refs["myDecon"].product.refs["myDecon_WBS-H"].product
hifiDeconToClassObj = HifiDeconToClassTask()(decon_result=decon_result, fileName='myfits.fits')
Example 3: Export a previous output of HifiDeconToClassTask to a FITS file:
HifiDeconToClassTask()(hifiDeconToClassObj=hifiDeconToClassObj, fileName='myfits.fits')
Example 4: See what HifiDeconToClassObj looks like.
# After launching HifiDeconToClassTask, take its output (typically hifiDeconToClassObj)
hProd = hifiDeconToClassObj.Prod
# now, look at it with the Dataset Explorer.
# It is the product exported by FitsArchive.

API details


Product decon_result [INPUT, OPTIONAL, default=None]

This parameter is the deconvolution product that contains the data to be exported.

String fileName [OUTPUT, OPTIONAL, default=None]

This parameter is the name of the FITS file in which the data will be exported. If no value is given, no filename is created.

hifiDeconToClass hifiDeconToClassObj [INPUT, OPTIONAL, default=None]

This parameter is the output of the HifiDeconToClassTask. It contains all the converted data that will be exported. It can be modified then reintroduced in the task as the input instead of the decon_result (cf examples)