1.36. doDeconvolution

Full Name: herschel.hifi.dp.deconvolution.DoDeconvolutionTask
Alias: doDeconvolution
Type: Java Task - Java Task
Import: from herschel.hifi.dp.deconvolution import DoDeconvolutionTask


HIFI/Pipeline/Interactive Pipeline Steps



A post-Level 2 processor to separate the "folded" double sideband (DSB) data inherently produced by the heterodyne process into a single sideband (SSB) result.


Example 1: Examples
#doDeconvolution using one obs with default input values.
decon_result = doDeconvolution(obs=my_obs)
#doDeconvolution using one obs and an array of obs with default input values.
my_obs2_array = [my_obs2,my_obs3]
decon_result = doDeconvolution(obs=my_obs,obs2_array=my_obs2_array)

API details


ObservationContext obs [INPUT, MANDATORY, default=no default value.]

- ObservationContext from Level 2 Pipeline, (decon uses usb only)

ObservationContext[] obs2_array [INPUT, OPTIONAL, default=no default value.]

- Array of ObservationContext from Level 2 Pipeline, (decon uses usb only).

String polarization [INPUT, OPTIONAL, default="H_POL"]

- Polarization, H_POL or V_POL.

Double tolerance [INPUT, OPTIONAL, default="0.001"]

- Convergence tolerance epsilon - when old_chi^2-_chi^2 < epsilon, stop.

Integer max_iterations [INPUT, OPTIONAL, default=&quot;200&quot;]

- Maximum number of iterations.

Integer gain [INPUT, OPTIONAL, default=&quot;GAIN_FIT_OFF_ASSUME_EQUAL&quot;]

- Upper and lower side band gains.

String plot_dsb [INPUT, OPTIONAL, default=&quot;NO_PLOT&quot;]

- Plot options, including ssb, usb and lsb.

Boolean channel_weighting [INPUT, OPTIONAL, default=&quot;false&quot;]

- DSB weights channel by channel

Boolean diag_mode_on [INPUT, OPTIONAL, default=&quot;false&quot;]

- diagnostic mode to generate interim output.

Integer diag_scan_index [INPUT, OPTIONAL, default=&quot;5&quot;]

- Diagnostic scan index (start from 1)

String diag_dsb_freq [INPUT, OPTIONAL, default=&quot;USB&quot;]

- Diagnostic DSB frequency selection, usb or lsb.

Product decon_result [OUTPUT, MANDATORY, default=no default value]

- Product of doDeconvolution task. Output. It contains the following: ssb - Single side band frequency and flux. gain - LO frequency, USB_gain, and LSB_gain. redundancy - freq_bins and dsb_hist. interimProduct - Interim product of doDeconvolution task. It is a composite dataset which contains the following: dsb_input, dsb_model, interim_lssb, interim_lgain, interim_chiSquare.

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