1.29. displayPacket

Full Name: herschel.hifi.dp.access.DisplayPacketTask
Alias: displayPacket
Type: Jython Task - Jython Task

from herschel.hifi.dp.access import DisplayPacketTask





DisplayPacketTask is a task used to derive parameter values from an array of housekeeping packets. The DisplayPacketTask can be called on the command line as well as via a GUI. The GUI facility allows the user to select a parameter and to view the associated values via a plot window. The user can export the selected parameter to an ascii and/or a fits file from the GUI as well. The 'raw' values do not contain any information about the units of the parameter. The 'converted' values are scaled using the units stored in the database. Not all 'raw' house keeping parameters will have 'converted' values. In the command line mode the user may call this task with the pname='ALL'. This will create a complete TableDataset of all parameter values from all housekeeping packets. Using pname = 'ALL' is a time comsuming process. This ICC task is not intended for astronomer use.


Example 1: How to use DisplayPacketTask
from herschel.hifi.dp.access import DisplayPacketTask
from herschel.hifi.dp.access import AccessPacketTask
# interactive mode (GUI):
hk = AccessPacketTask()(obsid=1342210779)
dpt = DisplayPacketTask()
# table dataset of parameters
print dpt.result
# for each param selected in the GUI a TableDataset is created
paramTblDataset = hktask.result
hk = AccessPacketTask()(obsid=1342210779)
# a specific parameter pname can be passed
result = DisplayPacketTask()(gui=1, hkarray=hk, pname='BB_ID')
# or all parameters can be requested
result = DisplayPacketTask()(gui=1, hkarray=hk, pname='ALL')

API Summary

Jython Syntax

Interactive mode:

table = DisplayPacketTask()(gui=1, hkarray=<myarray>)

Non-iteractive mode:

table = DisplayPacketTask()(hkarray=<myarray>, pname=<my-pname>)


The is a limitation on the amount of data that can be loaded into memory.


The hk-array cannot be selected from within this GUI

API details


TmSourcePacket[] hkarray [INPUT, MANDATORY, default=None]

Input array containing objects of the type TmSourcePacket

String pname [INPUT, OPTIONAL, default=None]

Allows user to select a specific type of TmSourcePacket from the hkarray. 'ALL' will generate a table dataset for all value, but it will not plot anything

Boolean convert [INPUT, OPTIONAL, default=false]

When true it passes the converted (TmSourcePacket with units) values as well, if there is no conversion factor nothing is plotted in the GUI

Boolean gui [INPUT, OPTIONAL, default=false]

When gui = true a GUI will be provided to the user Note: This option is currently forced true

TableDataset result [OUTPUT, OPTIONAL, default=None]

Creates a four column TableDataset. The first column is the raw relative TmSourcePacket times, second is the relative converted TmSourcePacket times, third is the raw selected parameter and the fourth is the converted (parameter with units) column. In case pname = 'ALL', all pnames will be included in the table (Expensive in calculation time, but possible).


  • 2005-09-09 - PZ: First release
  • 2006-05-22 - KE: Last Update: Fixed documentation format
  • 2006-06-07 - PZ: adopt to Task.views API
  • 2006-08-08 - KE: Updated this task with gui plot
  • 2007-02-09 - KE: Added buttons to export the TableDataset to a file (ASCII / FITS)
  • 2007-06-29 - KE: Removing gui components from constructor
  • 2008-04-16 - KE: Updated due to changes in the Plot package
  • 2009-04-15 - KE: Updated to reflect changes in IA_TASK - TaskParameter Flushing
  • 2015-02-24 - KE: Removing references to Versant database classes, telemetry access is now from files