Chapter 4. What was done to my data?

Table of Contents

4.1. Introduction
4.2. Level 0
4.3. Level 0.5
4.4. Level 1
4.5. Level 2
4.6. Level 2.5

Last updated: 26 October, 2015

4.1. Introduction

Data retrieved from the HSA has been processed via the HIFI pipeline. Each step is described in detail in the HIFI Pipeline Specification document. In this chapter, we briefly describe what has been done to the data at each stage of the pipeline.

In the following sections, we show pipeline flow diagrams from the HIFI Pipeline Specification document. The data input and output from each pipeline step up to the end of Level 2 is always a HifiTimeline Product (HTP). The Level 2.5 pipeline expects input to be HTP but the output at the end of the pipeline can be a different type of product, for example cubes (SpectralSimpleCubes) are produced for mapping observations.