12.2. Modified Passband Calibration Method

The hot and cold load spectra that are taken during every observation and that are used for intensity and passband calibration contain 92 and 98 MHz waves. In the standard pipeline they are divided into the sky spectra. Thus it is desired to remove the waves from the load measurements beforehand. This is possible by running the pipeline in a modified way and activating the DoFilterLoadsTask step:

# Obtain a params object
htp = obs.level.get("level0").getProduct("WBS-H")
params = herschel.hifi.pipeline.generic.PipelineConfiguration.getConfig(htp)
# Configure it
# Run the pipeline while passing the params object to it:
obs = hifiPipeline(obs=obs, fromLevel=0.0, upToLevel=2.0, params=params, apids=["WBS-H"])