1.12. Exporting an observation to a colleague

Prerequisites.  You have reprocessed one or more observations and saved them to disk as explained in Section 1.10 .

You can pack data held in local pools on your disk so that you can send them to other HIPE users. Follow these steps:

  1. Choose WindowShow ViewData AccessExport Herschel data from HIPE .

    The Export Herschel data from HIPE view opens.

  2. From the Input Pool drop-down list select the pool that contains the data you want to export.

    1. If you want to export the whole pool.  Click Export pool and enter the name of the zip file the data will be exported to.

    2. If you want to export one or more observations from the pool. . 

      1. Click Show Contents . The full observations contained in the pool appear in the Observations area.

      2. Select the observations you want to export from the list.

      3. Choose the export data format from the drop-down list at the bottom of the view. You can choose among compressed tar (recommended), uncompressed tar and loose files (unpacked directory).

      4. Click Export to HSA hierarchical structure and enter the name of the file the observations will be exported to.

[Note] Note

What is meant by HSA hierarchical structure is the same hierarchical directory structure of the data downloaded from the HSA. The format of individual files is FITS.

Product export from HIPE into standard Herschel directory structure.

Figure 1.28. Product export from HIPE into standard Herschel directory structure.

This view makes use of the exportObservation task, documented in the User's Reference Manual : Section 1.131, “exportObservation”

Where do I go from here? Now you can send the zip or tar file you produced to other users. This is how they can load your data into their HIPE installation: