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 "Must-Do" observations - potential important missing Herschel science?
Posted By: Herschel Helpdesk On: Fri, 25 May 2012 14:31
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Dear Herschel colleagues,

As we all know sometime in early 2013 Herschel will run out of helium cryogen, and all observing will come to an end. After Herschel there will be no similar observing capability available for the foreseeable future. It is therefore prudent to ask the question whether - for any reason - there is even a remote possibility that observations that "must" be done by Herschel have been "missed out", i.e. are not at present among the approved to-be-executed observing programmes.

Should such critical but "missed out" observations exist, it would still be possible to award a limited amount of Director's Discretionary Time (DDT) to perform them. I have now initiated an activity to identify these hypothetical observations, should they exist. Your involvement is invited!

Read carefully all about it in the letter:

The deadline for your suggestions is:

Noon 12:00 UT on Thursday 14 June 2012

Looking forwards to your ideas!

Göran Pilbratt
Herschel Project Scientist

The Herschel Science Centre Helpdesk

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