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Herschel User Provided Data Products


The Herschel Science Archive contains products obtained by processing the observations data through an automatic processing pipeline. This corrects well a number of instrumental artifacts in an automatic fashion. The final products can, however, be significantly improved by processing them further, e.g. by means of the interactive analysis software tools available within HIPE or with the help of other external tools and/or user contributed software.

The resulting products are called Highly Processed Data Products (HPDPs). In a broader sense this definition includes catalogues and atlases. In the future, the Herschel Science Archive is expected to be enhanced with the functionality for continuous ingestion of new user provided data products, catalogues and atlases, in the form of HPDPs.

In particular, and as agreed at the time of submission of the Key Programme observing proposals, KP consortia are committed to deliver to the HSC the User Provided Data Products corresponding to the data obtained as part of the Science Demonstration Phase. In addition, on a best effort basis, they are also expected to continue contributing with additional User Provided Data Products corresponding to the results obtained as part of their core programmes as they become published in the refereed literature.

For the moment, this web page is intended to play the role of a User Provided Data Products repository by providing links to those external sites (mostly via ftp repositories hosted by the consortia delivering the data) containing data generated by different projects (and associated documentation), that may eventually be ingested into the Herschel Science Archive.

User Provided Data Products

The table below provides access to the currently available User Provided Data Products sorted by release date:

Proposal ID Proposal Name Release Note User Provided Data Products Repository Related Publications Latest update Ingested in HSA ?
KPOT_wlanger_1 State of the Diffuse ISM: Galactic Observations of the Terahertz CII Line (GOT CPlus)
GOT CPlus Release Note
GOT CPlus Data
GOT CPlus Postcards
Pineda et al. 2013
Langer et al. 2014
[07-Feb-2014] NO
KPGT_soliver_1 HerMES
HerMES Release note HerMES Data Release HerMES related publications
[27-Nov-2013] NO
KPGT_aabergel_1 Evolution of interstellar dust
Release Note
Herschel IDOC Database (HESIOD) Related Publications
[18-Nov-2013] NO
KPOT_mjuvela_1 Galactic Cold Cores: A Herschel survey of the source populations revealed by Planck
ColdCores Release Note
ColdCores Data Repository Juvela et al. 2010, 2011, 2012
[1-Oct-2013] YES
KPOT_mmeixner_1 HERschel Inventory of The Agents of Galaxy Evolution (HERITAGE) in the Magellanic Clouds HERITAGE README file
HERITAGE Data Meixner et al. 2013
[16-Jul-2013] YES
KPOT_ceiroa_1 Cold Disks around Nearby Stars. A Search for Edgeworth-Kuiper Belt analogues (DUNES: DUst disks around NEarby Stars)
The DUNES archive (Release Note)
DUNES Final Archive Eiroa et al. 2013
[09-Jul-2013] YES
KPGT_cwilso01_1 Physical Processes in the Interstellar Medium of Very Nearby Galaxies
VNGS Release note (SPIRE data)
VNGS Release note (PACS data)
VNGS Data release (SPIRE data) and postcards
VNGS Data release (PACS data) and postcards
Bendo et al. 2012
[14-Jun-2013] YES
KPOT_pgolds01_1 Herschel Oxygen Project (HOP)
Data Release Document
HOP Data Goldsmith et al. 2011
[6-May-2013] YES
OT1_pharve01_3 The Auriga-California Molecular Cloud: A Massive Nearby Cloud With Powerful Diagnostics For Early Stages of Star Formation. Harvey et al. 2013
Data Repository
Harvey et al. 2013
[11-Mar-2013] YES
KPGT_dlutz_1 PACS Evolutionary Probe (PEP)
PEP Release Note (PACS data)
PEP Release Note (SPIRE data)
PEP public data releases Lutz et al. 2011

PEP related publications
[01-Mar-2013] YES
KPGT_vbujarra_1 HIFISTARS: The physical and chemical properties of circumstellar environments around evolved stars
HIFISTARS Release Note HIFISTARS Data Repository
Bujarrabal et al. 2012
[16-Nov-2012] YES
KPOT_delbaz_1 The Great Observatories Origins Deep Survey : far-infrared imaging with Herschel (GOODS)
GOODS-Herschel release documentation
GOODS-North Data
GOODS-South Data
GOODS-Herschel related publications
[12-Sep-2012] YES
KPOT_rkennicu_1 Key Insights on Nearby Galaxies: a Far Infrared Survey with Herschel (KINGFISH)
KINGFISH Data Products Delivery - DR2 User's Guide KINGFISH Data Products (DR2) repository Kennicutt et al. 2011
[18-Jul-2012] NO
KPOT_ckrame01_1 Herschel M33 extended survey (HerM33es)
HerM33es : Herschel M33 extended survey - SPIRE Data Products Delivery User's Guide

HerM33es: Herschel M33 extended survey - PACS Data Products Delivery User's Guide
HermesPublicData Xilouris et al. 2012

Boquien et al. 2011

Kramer et al. 2010
[2-Mar-2012] NO
KPOT_jdavie01_1 The Herschel Virgo Cluster Survey (HeViCS)
Data Reduction for HEVICS Public Data Release of 2 Scan DatA
The first HeViCS public data release The HeViCS papers [2-Sep-2011] NO
KPOT_seales01_2 H-ATLAS First data release of the Herschel ATLAS H-ATLAS SDP images and files
H-ATLAS SDP catalogue
PACS maps (Ibar et al. 2010)
SPIRE maps (Pascale et al. 2010)
5-band source catalogue (Rigby et al. 2010)
[24-Oct-2010] NO

Basic guidelines on how to provide your user provided data products, catalogues and atlases are provided in the document "Herschel Data Products Contributor's Guide".

Please contact the Herschel Science Centre Helpdesk if you have any question or if you need further assistance on how to deliver your User Provided Data Products. Feedback and comments related to the contents of this web page are welcome.

Last updated: Tuesday, 25-Mar-2014 10:17:20 CET
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