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Herschel Scientific Publications


The de facto way of communicating the scientific results based on Herschel observations is via publications in the refereed scientific literature which is very strongly encouraged. This webpage provides a listing of published refereed Herschel papers, the applicable rules and guidelines for publishing can be found elsewhere.

Herschel Publications List

The list of publications provided here is generated by using the ADS Astronomy and Astrophysics search followed by manual inspection of the "hits" using the criteria listed below. It is updated typically twice a month and maintained by the Herschel Project Scientist, to whom feedback can be provided. In particular, please report papers that are missing in the list, should you come across any.

The listing itself is provided in two complementary ways, in the standard ADS "short list format" (you can use ADS to generate other formats) and through a web interface that provides additional functionality in terms of searching and sorting. (The ADS listing is the "master", the web interface database is regenerated daily based on the ADS listing.)

ADS format publications list


Web interface publications list

What papers are listed?

The listing provided is still 'under construction'. The 'rules' for what criteria should be fulfilled by a paper to make it eligible for listing are currently being established, and can be updated. (Ultimately this possibly could lead to the provision of multiple listings.)

The criteria used for being included in the listing (or not) currently in use are:

  • Papers must be based on Herschel in-flight measurements and/or observations. Consequently no papers published before the launch of Herschel are included.
  • The vast majority of the papers listed are articles presenting Herschel observational results, also included are papers discussing Herschel performance, including telescope and instrument performance, plus additional science papers based on the direct use of Herschel data.
  • Not included are papers using Herschel data for the sole purpose of defining source lists for observations using other facilities, nor papers describing (potential) Herschel observing programmes.
  • Papers must be articles published in the refereed scientific literature. Consequently abstracts of all kinds as well as non-refereed papers and conference proceedings are not included.
  • Pre-prints (e.g. posted on > astro-ph) are not included. However, journals normally post articles online before the paper issue is available, and these are included.

The first papers fulfilling these criteria and thus the 'oldest' listed are the papers published in the Herschel special feature in A&A volume 518. This volume contains 152 papers, most (but not all) of them based on PACS and SPIRE science demonstration phase (SDP) observations. Due to the HIFI anomaly it was unavailable for an extended period and the HIFI SDP observations were carried out later. A second special feature with an additional 50 papers based on HIFI data was published in A&A volume 521. All 202 special feature papers are freely available and can be accessed via the two special features pages linked through the images below.

A&A 518 (July-August 2010) A&A 521 (October 2010)

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