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Herschel Science Archive (HSA)

Herschel standard data products were systematically generated by the Herschel Data Processing pipeline and made available to the users through the Herschel Science Archive (HSA) typically 1-2 days after an observation had been executed.

Today all Herschel science data (~23,400 hours of observing, ~37,000 AORs) are publicly available, and there are science calibration observations (~2600 hours of observing, ~6600 AORs) available too. In addition "User Provided Data Products" (UPDPs) are also being served by the HSA.

The current HSA version is v5.2.1 which was released on 26 March 2014.

Access to Herschel Data

Archive products are currently being updated through a bulk reprocessing exercise with SPGv11.1. This may result in the temporary unavailability of some data. To access products generated with previous versions of the pipeline while the new ones are being ingested into the archive, use the Product Browser in HIPE or contact the Herschel Helpdesk for assistance.

To Access the HSA through the user interface please use the following link:

Start the HSA User Interface using Java Web Start

To run the HSA as a desktop application, you must have Java Web Start enabled.
First time you launch a Java Web start application? Please follow these instructions.
More details on what Java Web Start is can be found here


To access the HSA data directly through the Archive InterOperability System (HAIO) please use:

HAIO web interface

HSA Troubleshooting FAQ HSA News

By using the HSA, astronomers can search, browse, select and retrieve Herschel data products according to the observations proprietary rights as explained in Chapter 1 of the Herschel Data Analysis Guide.

For every Herschel observation, data populating the HSA consist of the observational products generated by the pipeline containing the scientific data together with the calibration and auxiliary products as described in the Herschel Data Products section. In addition, associated quality information, generated to support archive users in the assessment of their scientific products, is also included.

The HSA provides data products as FITS format files at different levels of data reduction which can be used for further processing within HIPE or with any other user-owned data processing package.

Please note that HSA uses Web Start Technology since version 4.0.1.

If this is the first time you launch a Java Web Start application (.jnlp file), when you click on the above link 'Start the HSA user interface using Java Web Start':

1) From your favorite browser:
2) From your desktop
  • A dropdown menu will be opened, select "Save file" on your Desktop.
    You can launch it by double clicking on the saved file and choosing javaws as opening program. For more info please read the section "Getting Java Web Start Software".

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