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Announcement of Opportunity (AO-2)

Documentation package

  • Herschel Announcement of Opportunity, PDF (156 kb). This letter from the ESA Director of Science and Robotic Exploration is the formal Announcement of Opportunity to apply for Open Time (OT2) observing time.
  • Executive Summary, PDF (33 kb) or HTML. Summarises the document package, providing the reader with an overview and help in finding and accessing support information.
  • Policies and Procedures, PDF (139 kb) or HTML. This is the `administrative' document of the Announcement of Opportunity, providing all necessary information about the policies applicable and the procedures to be followed.
  • Herschel Observers' Manual, PDF (26 Mb) or HTML. Provides information about Herschel pertinent to using the observatory from the perspective of an observer.
  • Heterodyne Instrument for the Far Infrared (HIFI) Observers' Manual, PDF (5.9 Mb) or HTML. Provides information about and how to use the HIFI instrument to perform observations.
  • Photodetector Array Camera & Spectrometer (PACS) Observers' Manual, PDF (7.1 Mb) or HTML. Provides information about and how to use the PACS instrument to perform observations.
  • Spectral and Photometric Imaging Receiver (SPIRE) Handbook, PDF (10.6 Mb) or HTML. Provides information about the SPIRE instrument, its observing modes, in-orbit performance, the flux calibration framework and the SPIRE data in the Herschel Science Archive.
  • SPIRE PACS Parallel Mode Observers' Manual, PDF (2.1 Mb) or HTML. Provides information about and how to use the SPIRE and PACS instruments in Parallel Mode to perform observations.
  • HSpot Users' Guide, PDF (25.2 Mb) or HTML. Describes, and explains the use of the HSpot tool to plan Herschel observations.
  • Reserved Observations List: Lists all the Reserved Observations constituting the KP (GT and OT) programmes, and the GT1, OT1, and GT2 programmes. Potential duplications (see the Herschel Duplication Policies document) between your planned observations and already approved AORs can be checked using the Herschel Reserved Observations Search Tool (HROST).

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