5.5. OT1p2 programmes

As is clear from the above the already allocated OT1p2 observing programmes are part of the pool of 'over-allocation' programmes, which comprises a total of 10 months-worth of observing. In the case where everything is nominal approximately 2 months would be observed, thus approximately 20%. Should the mission lifetime be longer/shorter than the nominal, then this figure would become higher/lower.

However, since only a minor fraction of the OT1p2 observations can reasonably be expected to be executed, the fact that the associated AORs 'block' potential observations from being proposed in OT2 is potentially disadvantageous (and against the adopted policy for Herschel) to the overall science return of the Herschel mission. It has therefore been decided to introduce special provisions for the OT1p2 observing programmes and associated observations as follows: