Chapter 9. Acronyms

2MASS - 2 Micron All-Sky Survey

AAS - Altitude Anomally Sensors

ACA - Altitude Control Axis

ACC - Attitude Control Computer

ACMS - Attitude Control and Measurement System

AGN - Active Galactic Nucleus

AME - Absolute Measurement Error

AOR - Astronomical Observation Request

AOT - Astronomical Observing Template

APE - Absolute Pointing Error

CP - Calibration Pointing

CFIRB - Cosmic Far Infrared Background

CRS - Coarse Rate Sensors

CUS - Common Uplink System

CVV - Cryostat Vacuum Vessel

DTCP - Daily Telecommunications Period

DSS - Deep Sky Survey

EPLM - Extended Payload Module

ESA - European Space Agency

ESAC - European Space Astronomy Centre

ESD - Electrostatic Discharge

ESOC - European Space Operations Centre

FIRSB - Far Infra Red Sky Background

FIRST - Far Infra Red Space Telescope

FoV - Field of View

FIR - Far Infra Red

FPU - Focal Plane Unit

FWHM - Full Width Half Maximum

GO - Geostationary Orbit

GYR - Gyroscope

HCNE - Herschel Confusion Noise Estimator

HIFI - Heterodyne Instrument for the Far Infrared

HOB - Herschel Optical Bench

HOTAC - Herschel Observing Time Allocation Committee

HSC - Herschel Science Centre

HIPE - Herschel Interactive Processing Environment

HST - Hubble Space Telescope

IA - Interactive Analysis

ICC - Instrument Control Centre

ID - Identification

IPAC - Infrared Processing and Analysis Center

IRAS - Infrared Astronomical Satellite

ISM - Interstellar Medium

ISO - Infrared Space Observatory

LEO - Low Earth Orbit

LEOP - Low Earth Orbit Phase

MOC - Mission Operations Centre

MIR - Mid InfraRed

MLI - Multi-Layer Insulation

NAIF - Navigation Ancillary Information Facility

NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration

NED - NASA Extragalactic Database

NHSC - NASA Herschel Sciencce Centre

OD - Operational Day

PACS - Photodetector Array Camera and Spectrometer

PDE - Pointing Drift Error

PDF - Portable Document Format

PLM - Payload Module

PSF - Point-source Spread Function

PV - Performance Verification

QCP - Quality Control Pipeline

RCS - Reaction Control System

RF - Radio Frequency

RPE - Relative Pointing Error

RWA - Reaction Wheel Assembly

S/C - Spacecraft

SAS - Sun Aquisition Sensors

SCUBA - Sub-millimetre Common-User Bolometer Array

SED - Spectral Energy Distribution

SPG - Software Product Generation

SPIRE - Spectral and Photometric Imaging REceiver

SREM - Standard Radiation Environment Monitor

SRPE - Spatial Relative Pointing Error

SSO - Solar System Object

SSR - Solid State Recorders

STR - Star Trackers

SVM - Service Module

TBD - To Be Determined

WFE - WaveFront Error