Herschel Observation Planning Tool (HSpot): Changes in HSpot 6.x

HERSCHEL-HSC-DOC-0987, version 4.1.1 for HSpot v6.3.0
2013 March 27

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
1.1. A note on changes made between HSpot v5.3.2 and v6.x
2. General HSpot updates:
2.1. General changes
2.1.1. A note on the upgrade to HSpot 6.3.0
2.1.2. Main changes
2.1.3. Other changes
3. PACS-related HSpot updates:
3.1. Most recent changes
4. SPIRE-related HSpot updates:
4.1. Most recent changes
5. HIFI-related HSpot updates:
5.1. Most recent changes
6. SPIRE PACS Parallel Mode-related HSpot updates:
6.1. General changes to SPIRE PACS Parallel Mode AOTs