3.2. Bugs removed in HSpot v6.x

3.2.1. General Bugs

  • HSpot only shows executed observations in the HROST overlay option.

    - Implication for user: At present, when you select observations to overlay in HSpot from the HROST, you will not see observations that are in the HROST and thus are potential duplications, but not yet executed.

    - Recommended action: This will be patched in an upcoming version of HSpot. If you search HROST directly using the HROST search tool, you *WILL* find all reserved observations. Accept updates to HSpot 6.0.0, when released.

  • Duplicating existing aors and saving in a new file may produce a corrupted aor file.

    - Implication for user: The AORs may become corrupted and uneditable. This is due to a library mismatch external to HSpot.

    - Recommended action: It may be possible to edit the XML file on disk with a text editor to restore it, but it is likely that the only solution is to re-do the AORs.