5. Differences between HSpot versions on different platforms

The screenshots presented here are mainly from the WindowsXP version of HSpot. Users will find that the appearance of the different screens will be subtly different with, for example, pop-ups appearing with slightly different style or colours on the different operating systems that run HSpot. Occasionally, in some user dialogues, the MAC version of HSpot may have the same buttons, but in a different order to the Windows and Linux versions; we have also noticed that the handling of tabbing in pop-up windows is slightly different. Although the flavour of HSpot is slightly different on each operating system, the functionality is the same.

HSpot on Mac differs fundamentally in that HSpot is packaged with the appropriate Java in Linux and Windows while, in Mac, it uses the Java that the user has installed. With the HSpot 7 release users should be aware that there is the *potential* for some issues to appear.
Occasionally platform-dependent bugs may appear, due to problems with Java or window managers. These bugs are reported to the relevant company, but we cannot always guarantee that they will be fixed as they are out of our control. The level of user-support offered by external software suppliers is highly variable.