6.3. Targets Menu

The functions in the Targets menu are:

  1. New Target - Enter a new target from the target entry window.

  2. Delete selected Targets - Delete the currently selected target(s). The name of the current target is displayed at the bottom of the main screen.

  3. Modify Target - Bring up a target entry dialogue with the current target entered to change or add information.

  4. Target List - Opens a dialogue showing a summary list of the targets currently loaded. Clicking on an entry makes this target the 'current' target. The name will appear at the bottom of the main HSpot window. In addition, from this dialogue window you can show the background estimates and visibility windows for the list of targets. You can save them to disk by selecting the appropriate option under the "File" menu. As you enter targets into HSpot, the target list appears at the bottom of the "Targets" pull-down menu.

  5. Calculate Visibility Windows for All Targets

The targets in the Target List and the AORs are not linked. If you change the coordinates in a target that you have already entered into an AOR, they are NOT updated in that AOR, unless you modify the target from within the AOT dialogue. To change the coordinates for a target already included in an AOR, load the AOR file into HSpot, double-click on the AOR to open it up, and then select the "Modify Target" button to correct/modify the coordinates.

At the bottom of the targets menu is a list of currently available targets. Click a target on the list to use this as the default target for the next AOR you create.

6.3.1. Deleting multiple targets

If you work with long target lists you may wish to delete many sources because you find that they are not observable, or have found them not to be of interest after checking them out.

To delete multiple sources you should highlight them using Shift + Down/up arrow. Selecting "Delete selected targets" from the "Targets" menu will then delete them.

HSpot does not request confirmation of this action and it is not reversible. Use it with care.