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Announcement of Opportunity (AO-2)

AO-2 Introduction

This is the second (and final) in-flight Herschel Announcement of Opportunity (AO-2) for observing proposals. It follows the pre-flight AO for Key Programmes (KPGT and KPOT) which took place in 2007-08, and the first in-flight AO (GT1 and OT1) which took place in 2010. There will be no further AOs for Herschel observing time.

Like the previous AOs it has two parts. The first part, GT2, is open only for Herschel Guaranteed Time holders, while the second part, OT2, is open to the world wide scientific community.

AO-2 Schedule Overview

The overall sequence of dates for the AO-2 is as follows:

  • 7 April 2011: The Herschel GT2 AO is issued. Proposals can now be submitted.
  • 12 May 2011 12:00 UT: Submission deadline for GT2 AO proposals. After this time proposals can no longer be submitted or updated. Start of evaluation process.
  • 9 June 2011: The Herschel OT2 AO is issued. Proposals can now be submitted.
  • 20-21 June 2011: Observation planning/HSpot workshops at the HSC@ESAC and the NHSC@IPAC.
  • 15 September 2011 12:00 UT: Submission deadline for OT2 AO proposals. After this time proposals can no longer be submitted or updated. Start of evaluation process.
  • 8-11 November 2011: HOTAC meeting.
  • Late November 2011: Announcement of approved proposals, and start of Phase 2 observation entry.

Note that 12:00 UT refers to 12:00 hours (noon) Universal Time (UT=GMT).

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